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✍️ NameCarrom Pool Mod APK
📱 Updated25th May, 2024 ✔️
📥 Versionv15.5.0 ★
📜 Size80 MB
🥇CategoryTable Sports
💱 Provision7.0 Android And Above
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Carrom Pool Mod APK is the modified version of the carrom pool. These board games have been played for centuries to engage and pass the time easily, they offer a unique kind of engagement. Because everyone is aware of these games. Interested people have evolved away from this tradition and towards Android games. However, Miniclip has brought that board game by offering us the Carrom pool. You may now play this board game on your Android mobile.

Miniclip created the original Carrom Pool, however, you can have complete access to unlimited resources without having to pay for the premium version or work hard to win cash over hurdles.

Carrom Pool Mod APK The Addictive Game Modified Asset Version

This luxurious digital game offers the players complete control over their stickers and skins, making it the best choice for entertainment that two or four people may enjoy.

Carrom Pool Mod APK – Disc And Features

Simply click the provided download button to start having even more fun and engagement. You won’t experience any coin frustration or annoying things with this version. You can use these premium resources in the carrom pool hack, like a lot of coins and gems, free skins, free strikers, and exclusively designed boards for a long time without any hassle and effort.

If you are free and looking for a fascinating game, Carrom Pool Disc Mod APK is the best option which is equipped with full-house fun with digitized systematic and smooth graphics with a better feel.

This Carrom Pool Hack Sticker is included with multiple offline and online modes to practice and play like a pro gamer. Our website provides you the direct downloading file to easily install it on your phone which is upgraded to the 4.2 Android version.

This game is for everyone, Install now Carrom Pool Mod Apk Long Line which is personally tested and run by our developer group for gamers who are new to practicing and making challenges with disc modes.

Carrom pool disc game modes

Make your expertise similar to the top-notch pro players, because this modified version provides a loaded amount of assets that make easy gaming and enhance your playing experience. Enjoy this opportunity with full excitement to the next level like never before.

Communities and groups of gathering always look for new fun engagements to make life fully astonishing as the new year arrives. Try this positive fun from this world to connect and hang out with friends and families who are far away from you.

Carrom Pool Mod APK is an easy way to spend time in a visualized world to access unlimited gems and money that can simply pass your free time, So enjoy the enjoyable game with excellent facilities of assets to bloom and blast every day with fun.

Don’t look further than Carrom Disc Pool Apk if you are scrolling on Google Play Store to find any source of entertainment to enjoy your free time. This version is filled with fun and amazing smooth graphics without any limitations and risk-free that confine your eyes with affection. (Start Playing).

Another amazing gaming experience is waiting for you, Carrom King Mod APK, a new better version of virtual gaming.

Carrom Pool Disc Game Offline Modes

The offline mode of Carrom Pool Disc Game Mod APK is great for practicing the shots fully and becoming a pro gamer. It is perfect for new enthusiasts to improve their skills in Carrom and their targeted rules.

Carrom Pool Mod APK has a turbo boost of smooth graphics with better modes in the gaming experience, Pull the striker line with the targeted potential to hit properly to pot the puck into the pocket, and find trick shots, The disc pool mod is a bit challenging and has wide features to enjoy even more, So don’t wait to enjoy playing.


On our website, you can find comprehensive information on Carrom hack rules, updated regularly to ensure you have the latest best practices, regulations, and performance tips to enhance your user experience.

Pool Disc Game Mode

Pool Disc Game Mode

This is the simple gaming mode with ever-fun and exciting features to choose your choice color of puck (Disc). And grab all those discs to pot them into pockets before the opposite player.

Free-Style Disc Pool Mode

Free-Style Disc Pool Mode

For those players who are a little bit attentive to face the challenges, the freestyle mode is the perfect option because in this mode pro gamers always wait in the lobby. there are 3 types of discs (White),(Black), and (Queen).

Carrom Mode

Carrom Mode

This mode is also famous with scatter carrom pool auto mod APK, it is popular because you have to pick your color puck first, and after that, you have to pot the queen if the queen is not potted the puck will return to the board.

Get the exclusive version of the Carrom board with other features, Carrom Club APK is the best option.

All players can participate in the competition worldwide like in Delhi mode, Paris Lounge, and many more. These modes require an entry fee, and each player will be given six pieces to perform the skills for the community show. Other modes for example:- (Skybar),(London Park), (Mumbai Arena), and many others have a high entry fee of 2 lacs coins.

With the Carrom Meta Mod Apk, join the community of the Carrom board, completely free from any restriction.

Rules for Playing Carrom Pool with MODDED APK

The carrom board has been played for centuries with amazing enjoyment. Finding pool games is easy for you now. Check out our recently updated 8 Ball Pool Mod APK, the trusted variant of the game.

Unique Features And Gameplay

The carrom board has been played for a long time and Indian maharajas discovered it in the 18th century. It became quickly famous worldwide.

unique features
adjusting angles

Miniclip has developed this original carrom board loved by Indians called the carrom disc pool mod app which allows the players to connect and compete with friends all over the world. It’s an amazing way to have fun while finding a new form of the game.

What Does Carrom Pool Mod Apk Provide – Offers And Features

No Advertising

No Advertising

All developers do not have this feature in their mods, but In our modified variant you can run the game with full ease without any annoying advertising posters.

Unlocked Your Choice Skin

Unlocked Your Choice Skin

It ruins a lot of time and requires effort to win the matches to unlock the skins in the game. To make it better we have put all types of skins and color choices free of cost.

Unlimited Coins And Gems

Unlimited Coins And Gems

In Carrom Disc Pool Hack MOD APK Saving up the coins and gems can be frustrating when you have few assets you have to use carefully, But now in this mode, all coins and gems are given without any limitations.


Auto Aim

It is a systematic software for advanced shots to improve your striker skills become a professional player and win all the matches and challenges. It allows one to aim properly and hit with accuracy this feature is optional but we provide you Bitaim Plus For Carrom Pool APK.

Challenging Championships

Carrom Pool has introduced several gaming contests for the players to compare their skills in front of high-level players all over the world.

Stay Away From Fouls

avoid the fouls

If you want to increase the chances of winning the matches then you have to avoid fouls because it is an essential point between pro player and noob.

High Ranks


If you win the 3 matches in a row, the hat trick of matches can increase your level of ranking called a streak. It’s a specific title for the dominance skills of a player. So, hurry up and win the consecutive matches and be a champion.

Carrom Pool Mod APK Version Download 2024

You can have fun with these premium assets and unlimited everything without any annoying disruptions and worrying about coins. Benefits are unlimited in our version where the trust meets the user excellence.

Rules For Playing Carrom Pool With MODIFIED APK

If you accidentally pot the striker in the pocket you lose one chance and puck for the penalty. the basic rules of Carrom pool mod apk aim hack are simple but you have to be aware of all the risks that are given in the guidelines. Secondly, auto-aiming is provided in the game to aim in the proper direction.

Rules For Playing Carrom Pool Hack - 2024

It is important to be careful while playing with long-runner players because they have full hands on their practice, but the carrom pool aim hack offers a lot of benefits.If you are watching for more fun, Like new pool games we will suggest you Pool Billiards Pro APK download it. Our sources are reputable real modified.

Why Choose Carrom Pool Mod APK Over Other Games?

Carrom Pool Mod APK is the best option because you can connect with your personal friends and have fun through this new experience, all the games and modified APKs are not developed equally which sets the quality of unlimited resources.

Carrom Pool Mod Apk 2023 has gained a lot of love within a few years because it has smooth graphics, a better experience, and unlimited coins and gems.

Unique Features and Gameplay

Unique Features And Gameplay

Carrom Pool APK has unique gameplay not unlike the other games which have frustrating graphics and low-quality interface. This gameplay is equipped with all the resources of traditional perception that an enthusiast needs.

choosing carrom pool

Regularly Updating and Bug Issues

We update our mod app regularly to avoid any bugs related to glitches. Everyone can use this mod, it is compactable for Windows and iOS users don’t forget to check out the Carrom Pool MOD APK for IOS/Mac.

Regularly Updating and Bug Issues

Steps To Follow When You Start Carrom Pool Unlimited Coins And Gems Download

To install the game on your device, give the necessary permissions first to the game which is needed. Next, launch your internet browser and look for the APK file to download, go to our website, and click the given button. Once the download starts, simply wait for it to complete.

  • Search for Carrom Pool Mod APK and find a real source like The Pool Apk.
  • Open the website and find the process of your resource. Click the download button to install the APK file on your phone,
  • Once installation ends, give access to unknown sources to your mobile for easy installation.
source in setting
  • After launching the app, follow the guidelines, run the game, and have fun.
install and done

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer – Potting the other player’s disk after potting the Queen is considered a foul, and your turn will end. The puck will be placed back on the board.

Answer – You can avoid fouls by being mind-present of the game’s rules and regulations. Try to avoid hitting other pucks or the striker with too much force and be careful not to touch the board’s edges or foul lines with your striker.

Answer – Yes, if you pot your opponent’s puck, it is considered a foul. Your opponent will take over and put the puck back on the board after you lose your turn.

Answer – It is a two-player game, and each player takes turns to strike the striker and hit the pucks toward the pocket. The game does not have a fixed number of passes, as the players can take as many turns as needed to pot all their respective pucks and the queen.

Final Thoughts About This Game

Based on the features, gameplay, and popularity, it can be concluded that Carrom Pool Mod APK is a highly enjoyable and addictive board game. The game’s popularity speaks for itself, With the added benefits of no ads, unlocked skins, unlimited coins, and gems, unlocked strikers and pucks, and auto-aim features, this Carrom Pool Mod APK takes the gaming experience to the next level. All things considered, we heartily suggest the game to everyone searching for an enjoyable and captivating gaming experience.

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