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📥 Latest Versionv15.2.3★
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💱 Provision4.2 Android
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Experience the ultimate Carrom Pool gameplay with the Carrom Pool Mod APK, the premium, modified version of the game. This version offers exclusive features and access to all assets, allowing for a seamless gaming experience. Say goodbye to the tedious process of earning coins and gems in the original version; with the mod APK, you can enjoy unlimited access to these valuable resources.

In the original game, players must spend a considerable amount of time to unlocking desired features or opt for the paid model to access them. However, with the Carrom Pool Mod Apk, you can effortlessly switch between skins, enjoy new striker designs, and play in luxurious arenas without any hassle. Upgrade your Carrom Pool experience today. We had a fantastic and incredible time playing this game. Its fascinating features made our time with it unforgettable. (Personally played this game.)

Carrom Pool Mod APK The Addictive Game Modified Asset Version

By simply clicking the download button for the Carrom Pool Mod APK, you can unlock a whole new level of excitement and enjoyment in the game. This modified version offers bunch of amazing features that will leave you astonished and enthralled.

With the mod APK, you can enjoy unlimited access to all the carrom pool hack game’s features and assets, without any restrictions and limitations. Say goodbye to the frustration of having to earn coins and gems over a long period to unlock new levels and features. The mod APK offers effortless access to all these amazing features, making gameplay exclusively smooth and hassle-free.

Carrom Pool Mod APK – Disc And Features

Looking for a fun and engaging game that will help you improve your skills while also providing plenty of entertainment? Discover the ultimate gaming experience with the Carrom Pool Disc Game Mod APK!

With four offline and three online modes to choose from, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hone your skills and become a pro player. And best of all, you can easily download the modified version of the game directly from our website, which is run and experienced by us.

Whether you’re looking to practice for free or you’re ready to take on more challenging disc modes with access to exciting features, this game has something for everyone. So why wait? Download the Carrom Pool Mod Apk Long Line today and start playing your way to success!

Download this game now and take your gaming expertise to new heights! This modified version of the game comes with loaded an impressive features that will amaze you and exhilarated. With easy access to all these incredible features and attributes, you can enjoy a seamless and immersive gameplay experience like never before. So why wait? Download the game today and take your gaming to the next level!

different modes

As the new year begins, many people look forward to experiencing happiness and establishing a positive routine. However, as time goes on, we may start to feel isolated and disengaged from the world around us. Do you miss those days when you could hang out with friends and enjoy simple yet fun activities together?

The Carrom Pool APK game is a great example of digitalized entertainment that offers a fun and easy way to pass the time while connecting with others in the virtual world. So, why not join in on the fun and indulge in some enjoyable gameplay with Carrom? It’s an excellent way to unwind, relax, and enjoy yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through the Google Play Store, searching for a game that you’ll actually enjoy playing? Look no further than Carrom Pool Disc APK, a traditional game that’s easy to understand and will provide you with hours of fun-filled entertainment. Don’t worry! if you don’t know about this game. Our comprehensive guide includes details on the game’s features and a free download link to the unlocked version, so you can dive right in and start playing without any restrictions.

So, whether you’re looking for a new game to pass the time or simply want to indulge in some classic gameplay, Carrom Pool Hack Sticker is an excellent choice. And with our guide, you can rest assured that you’ll have all the knowledge and resources you need to become a pro player in no time!

The ultimate experience awaits with our latest release of the unlocked Carrom King Mod APK, Visit the link and download it. A fun and amazing period awaits for you.

Carrom Pool Disc Game Offline Modes

Carrom Pool Disc Game Mod APK offers a range of offline and online modes to enhance your gaming experience. The offline modes are perfect for free practice and improving your targeted rules, making them an excellent choice for players of all skill levels.

With the latest Carrom Pool Mod APK, you can now enjoy a turbo boost in your carrom matches! Use your cues to their full potential, unleash wild trick shots, and become an unstoppable force in pool. The disc pool modes, on the other hand, offer more access to features within the app, giving you even more ways to enjoy this fun and challenging game. So why wait? Head over to our website today and start playing!

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On our website, you can find comprehensive information on Carrom hack rules, updated regularly to ensure you have the latest information on best practices, regulations, and performance tips to enhance your user experience.

Pool Disc Game Mode

Pool Disc Game Mode

The Pool Disc game mode is a simple yet exciting mode where you choose a color puck and aim to pocket all the carrom men before your opponent does to win the game.

Free-Style Disc Pool Mode

Free-Style Disc Pool Mode

For those seeking a more challenging game, the Freestyle Disc Pool mode is the perfect option. This model features three types of pucks, with white pucks worth 20 points, black pucks worth 10 points, and the queen worth 50 points. With a total of 180 points to be won, this mode promises hours of thrilling gameplay.

Carrom Mode

Carrom Mode

The Carrom mode, also known as Scatter carrom pool auto play mod apk, is another popular Carrom disc game mode. In this mode, the aim is to pocket the puck and queen until the game ends. However, be aware that the game server will return the red puck to the board if you attempt to take it without using your select disk.


Players use a striker to pot their own colored discs into the pockets before their opponent, which becomes quite famous owing to its basic but captivating gameplay. Players can use these resources to unlock new skins, boards, and other premium content without grinding for hours or making in-app purchases.

Step into this thrilling world of carrom with Carrom Club Apk and immerse yourself there, connecting with friends and family all around the world for an unforgettable time of fun and pleasure.

Carrom pool disc game online modes

 Play disc pool mode

INFORMATION: Game enthusiasts can participate in the highly anticipated mode arena competitions, including the Delhi and Paris lounge mode competitions, which require an entry fee of 200–500 coins. Each player is provided with six pieces to showcase their skills. Other exciting modes available for players to enjoy include London Park, Istanbul Bazaar, Mumbai Arena, New York Square, and Dubai Sky Bar, which feature nine pieces and require an estimated entry fee of 2600–582k coins.

With the Carrom Meta Mod Apk, join us in the thrilling world of carrom board. You can play completely unrestricted with the wonderful unlocked assets offered by this pool application.

Carrom pool disc game online modes

RULES:- In this particular game mode, which is commonly known as the carrom mode, each player is required to choose a colored disc that will be allocated to them by the game. The objective in this scenario is to sink all the carrom men before your opponent does. If you successfully sink a disc, you can continue your turn. However, if you drop a disc that is not intended to be sunk, it will be considered a foul. Additionally, dropping the striker and disc during your turn will also result in a foul

The carrom board has been played for centuries with amazing enjoyment. Finding pool games is easy for you now. Check out our recently updated 8 Ball Pool Mod APK, the trusted variant of the game. Getting you to the better source of modification among the competitors

Unique features and gameplay

The delightful digital version of the traditional board game Carrom Pool Mod App, which an Indian maharaja first discovered on the subcontinent in the 18th century. It rapidly gained popularity and achieved worldwide recognition.

Unique features and gameplay
Unique features and gameplay

As we continue to live in an era of technological advancement, Miniclip has developed a digital version of this beloved Indian game called Carrom Disc Pool Mod APK, which allows players to connect and compete with friends from around the globe. It’s a fantastic way to have fun while exploring a new form of the game.

What Does Carrom Pool Mod Apk Provide – offers And Features

No Advertising

No Advertising

It offers you a mode that does not have any annoying ads while playing or any pop-up notifications that can disrupt your playing experience. This makes your gaming experience fun and better.

Unlocked Your Choice Skin

Unlocked Your Choice Skin

Unlocking the skins can consume lots of time and require effort to win the matches and get the skins. To make it better, we have inserted all the types of skins that you can easily use free of charge.

Unlimited Coins And Gems

Unlimited Coins And Gems

In this game, saving coins and gems can be frustrating when you have been given a few assets to use carefully! This is not fair, but you have no limits in this mode. So, you do not have to worry about running out of coins and gems.

Unlock Striker And Pucks

Unlock Striker And Pucks

There are many types of strikers and pucks included for overwhelming to use and collect all of them, all the strikers, pucks, and skins that you earned as a reward will be automatically unlocked in Carrom Disc Pool Hack MOD APK. so you do not have to spend lots of time on playing to get these achievements, however, Carrom’s appeal lies in its accessibility to players of all ages. if there is something more additional ones you will buy it easily unlimited wealth provided in the game.


Auto Aim

It is an advanced system to improve better shots, it is a highly sought-after feature for those who are really Pro competitive and want to increase their chances of winning auto aim allows more hit disks with accuracy, and easily, you can focus more on strategy, rather than struggling with pucks, note it, this feature is optional but we provide you Bitaim Plus For Carrom Pool APK.

Challenging Championships

Carrom Pool has launched a number of in-game contests and rivalries that allow users to compare their skills to those of others around the world. Because they occasionally provide alluring prizes, players will see these events as serious and fascinating.

Stay Away From Fouls

avoid the fouls

To maximize your chances of winning the carrom board game, it is essential that you avoid fouls. Fouls occur when one commits certain mistakes, like pocketing the striker or the pucks of another player.

Earn Positions


In the carrom pool game, winning three games in a row can achieve the highest rank called Streak. It’s a special title that shows off your unique skills and dominance in the game. So, go ahead and win those consecutive games, and become the ultimate champion.

Carrom Pool MOD APK Version 15.2.3 Download 2023

When you download and install the game on your device, you can enjoy the game without worrying about running out of any coins and gems or not being able to not buy anything within the game with unlimited coins and gems, and pucks available for download, the possibilities are endless and benefits are unlimited.

Rules for Playing Carrom Pool with MODDED APK

The rules for playing are simple. If you accidentally pot the striker, you lose one puck as a penalty, but if you pot the puck you were aiming for, you get to play again. In certain game modes, you must pot the red puck and your colored puck to win. If you miss your puck after potting the red puck, the red puck goes back on the board. If you win, you gain double the amount you pay to run. These rules are the same as in the original version of the game.

The basic rules of carrom pool mod apk aim hack are simple, however, when playing with Carrom Pool, there are some additional rules to be aware of them. the player can enjoy unlimited coins and gems and other things which will eliminate the unwanted ads which appear while playing the game, Secondly, the auto-aim feature is also available, making it easier for players to hit the coins into their pockets. It is a timeless fun game which brought the enjoyment all over the world for centuries and decades.

Rules for Playing Carrom Pool with MODDED APK

It is important to note that while the MODDED APK version of Carrom pool aim hack offers many benefits, it is not an official version of the game. So it is not available in the official Apple i-store, but you can install the game from our source. Therefore, it is recommended to be careful when downloading and installing games to avoid security risks or third-party resources.

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Why Choose Carrom Pool Mod Apk Over Other Games?

When it comes to mobile gaming, there is no shortage of options available in mod apk of carrom pool. However, not all games are created equal. Some games offer unique features and gameplay that sets them apart from the rest.

Why Choose Carrom Pool Mod Apk Over Other Games?

Carrom Pool Mod Apk 2023 is one such game that has gained popularity for its exceptional gameplay, high-quality graphics, and sound effects. Within this article, we shall explore the factors why you have to give priority over other games

Unique Features and Gameplay

This version offers a unique and entertaining gameplay experience that is unlike any other game. The participant with the highest score upon completion of the game emerges victorious. The game also encompasses diverse gameplay modes, including the traditional mode and the disc pool mode.. This variety of gameplay keeps the game interesting and engaging.

Unique Features and Gameplay

Impressive Graphics and Super Audible Sound

It boasts more qualified impressive graphics that change the game effect more appealing. The visual elements are designed like an original carrom board, which contributes to the game’s genuineness. The sound effects are also well-whelming, providing a realistic feel to the game. The sounds of the striker hitting the disks and the disks hitting each other are both satisfying and accurate.

Unique Features and Gameplay

Regularly Updating and Bug Issues

We Update the game mod on a daily basis for user satisfaction with new features and regularities. This ensures that the game stays up-to-date and bug-free, providing a seamless gaming experience. The updates also introduce new game modes, new boards, and new challenges, keeping the game fresh and interesting.

Regularly Updating and Bug Issues

Device mobility and compatibility

The great thing about this game is you can play it on Android and ios devices with the latest version, “Carrom Pool: Disc Game”. However it is currently compactable only on Android devices and does support IOS or Windows devices, but you do not have to worry about it, our developers are working on creating a version that will improve compatibility with IOS and other devices.

Device mobility and compatibility

The most impressive aspect of this game is that the original version, “Carrom Pool: Disc Game,” is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

As the saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way,” so we have discovered a solution for both IOS and Windows users. Why should IOS and Windows users be deprived of such an opportunity? Discover how to obtain Carrom Pool MOD for PC, or if you have an Apple device, don’t forget to check out Carrom Pool MOD APK for IOS/Mac.

Interesting facts

Carrom pool unlimited coins and gems have gained immense popularity among gamers due to their versatile features. The game provides an option for multiplayer mode for up to two players, and it is available both online and offline. The graphics are praiseworthy, and the controls are smooth and user-friendly.

Interesting Facts

The developers have put in extra effort to ensure that the virtual boards closely resemble the original ones, making the gameplay experience as realistic as possible. According to statistics, Carrom Pool Mod has crossed over 100 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone.

Steps to follow when you start Carrom Pool MOD APK Unlimited Coins and Gems Download

To install the game on your device, give the necessary permissions first to which game is needed. Then, launch your web browser and search for the APK file. You can visit our website and click on the provided link to initiate the download. Once the download starts, simply wait for it to complete.

  • Open a web browser on your device and search for “Carrom Pool Mod APK Download”.
  • Open our website from the search result and click the download button.
  • Once the download is complete, search the APK file in your device’s file manager. ( Open download folder).
  • Tap on the file to begin the installation process. You may have to grant some permissions for the installation to proceed.
  • Unknown resources will appear and enable that security option.
source in setting
  • Wait for the installation to finish. It may take a few minutes to complete.Once the installation is finished, open the application and commence playing!
install and done

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: If you pot the other player’s puck after potting the Queen, it is considered a foul, and your turn will end. The puck will be placed back on the board by your opponent

Answer: You can avoid fouls by being mindful of the game’s rules and regulations. Try to avoid hitting other pucks or the striker with too much force, and be careful not to touch the board’s edges or foul lines with your striker.

Answer: Yes, if you pot your opponent’s puck, it is considered a foul. Your opponent will take over and put the puck back on the board after you lose your turn.

Answer: It is a two-player game, and each player takes turns to strike the striker and hit the pucks towards the pocket. The game does not have a fixed number of passes, as the players can take as many turns as needed to pot all their respective pucks and the queen.

Final Thoughts About This Game

Based on the features, gameplay, and popularity, it can be concluded that Carrom Pool Mod APK is a highly enjoyable and addictive board game. The game offers bundles of features, such as multiplayer options available in both online and offline modes, commendable graphics, and user-friendly controls. Moreover, the developers have put in extra effort to make sure that the virtual boards resemble the original boards as much as possible.

The popularity of the game speaks for itself, with over 100 million downloads only from the Google Play Store. With the added benefits of no ads, unlocked skins, unlimited coins and gems, unlocked strikers and pucks, and auto-aim features, this Carrom Pool MOD Apk takes the gaming experience to the next level. Overall, the game is highly recommended for anyone looking for a fun and engaging gaming experience.