Carrom Pool Vs 8 Ball Pool: Joyful Comparisons Unveiled !

Carrom Pool Vs 8 Ball Pool, these two well-liked smartphone games offer fascinating pool gaming experiences. Certain features define them apart, even though their goals and gaming mechanics are the same. We will examine the unique aspects of each game and what makes 8 Ball Pool and Carrom Pool different in this post.

Objective Gameplay Of Carrom Pool Vs 8 Ball Pool

In Carrom Pool, a computerized version of the classic tabletop game Carrom, players pocket discs of their chosen color into the corner pockets with a striker. The aim is to get every disc before your opposite player to win. More pool games for Android can be found here.

The goal of 8 Ball Pool, modeled after the well-general billiards game, is for players to sink the black 8 ball to win, after pocketing their allotted balls (solids or stripes). There are regulations to the game, like not pocketing the 8 ball too soon or sinking the cue ball.

Game Modes Of Both Games

pool cue
  • Several game forms are available in carrom pool, such as classic, disc pool, and carrom disc pool, each with unique rules and difficulties. The classic mode of Disc Pool is quite similar to the classic carrom board game.
  • It adds a novel twist by using round discs in place of the standard carrom men. Carrom Disc Pool offers a unique gameplay experience by fusing the features of the pool and carrom.
  • The main feature of the 8-ball pool is the traditional 1-vs-1 multiplayer mode, which lets users battle against others worldwide. Additionally, it provides a range of challenges and tournaments where users may show off their athletic abilities and advance up the leaderboard.

Physics And Managing

gameplay management
  • To replicate the friction and motions of the carrom discs on the board, Carrom pool uses accurate dynamics so that Players can precisely manage the angle and force of their shots thanks to the game’s easy controls.
  • With its detailed representation of the spin, collision, and rolling motions, 8 ball pool places an intense focus on ball mechanics. Players may aim, change spin, and regulate shot power with the game’s controls, enhancing the game’s strategic part.

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Customization And Advancement

There are customization choices available in both games carrom pool vs. 8 ball pool to allow players to customize their gameplay. Players in Carrom Pool can select from a variety of strikers and experience unique board layouts. Players can unlock a variety of cues, table felts, and distinctive avatars in the 8-ball pool by earning in-game currency and making progress.

Gameplay Mechanics


The main objective of the carrom pool is to put discs into pockets on a carrom board using a striker. To score points in the game, you must aim precisely, recognize angles, and use the appropriate amount of force. It combines technical and strategic details.

The 8-ball pool is played according to the standard billiards rules, with the goal being to sink the black 8-ball after pocketing the allocated balls (solids or stripes). Planning to outmaneuver opponents, managing the cue ball’s movement, and selecting shots strategically are all part of the game.

Skill Requirements

skills for gameplay

To win at carrom pool, players must become skilled at flicking the striker, with the fullest interest in understanding of the workings of disc motion, and predict rebounds and hits. It requires accuracy, skill, and the capacity to adjust to various board configurations.

Popularity And Player Base

virality and personal choice

Carrom pool and 8-ball pool are two games that promote social interaction. Players can talk with other players during matches, join clubs, connect with friends, and take part in club tournaments with Carrom Pool. This promotes mutual respect and a sense of community.

In-Game Currency And Monetization


Players who appreciate the complexity and history of the classic carrom game are attracted to Carrom Pool because of its distinctive take on the classic game. It boasts a devoted fan base of carrom players and provides a unique gaming experience.

Players can earn coins in carrom pool’s in-game currency system by finishing tasks, winning tournaments, and winning matches. You may get new strikers and board designs by using coins. In-app purchases are also an option in the game for those who want to access exclusive stuff or advance more quickly.

Updates And New Features

The developers of both games carrom pool vs. 8 ball pool regularly release updates that bring new features, enhance the ability to play, and address bugs. With these improvements, the player experience will be improved overall, new challenges will be added, and the games will remain interesting and fun over time.


Two pleasurable smartphone games that will have you playing pool at your fingertips are the carrom pool and 8 ball pool. 8 ball pool involves players in the traditional billiards experience, while carrom pool offers a refreshing spin on the classic carrom game. By being aware of the differences between the two games, players may select the one that best suits their tastes and experience the excitement.

Please be aware that this article does not promote or support any one game; rather, it aims to highlight the differences between the carrom pool and the 8-ball pool.

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