What Is A Carrom Board? Complete Guide For Game Enthusiasts

Carrom board is a smooth texture wooden board that is equipped with 4 diagonal pockets. Each pocket has a net underneath to hold the carrom men. The wooden board size may vary according to your needs, but it can be between 70 to 75. Its height should be above the ground.

In case if you are a gaming person, you should know the module game so-called, carrom. the most versatile systematic game in history. The game was invented in the 20th century and ruled the world for a long time.

Equipment Required To Play Carrom Board

Carrom, also known as karrom, billard, or carram is a real-time in-house collection board game. The most popular indoor fun in the sub-continent of South Asia. It is famous for different names in different regions, carrom board has been played in Asia for long ages in clubs, cafes, and houses.

Wooden Or Plastic Board

carrom board
  • Carrom board is a squared table game. it has a smooth surface, engaged with a striker, disks, and circle pockets on every corner. every pocket connects with an underneath net. it is primarily above the ground.

Carrom Men

carrom men
  • The small wooden or plastic rings known as carrom men. In international rules, There are 3 types of carrom men, black, white, and red. white gives 2 points, black gives 1 and Red is a queen it owns 5 points on a table, In the ( family tournament) the white carrom men consider 20 points, the black consists of 10 and the queen is on top at 50 points.

The Striker

  • Strikers are mainly used to hit the disks to start the match, these are mostly weighted to a 20-gram, hole-shaped circle of about 6 cm in diameter.

Board Powder

board powder
  • A boric acid or carrom board powder that is sprinkly spread on the standard size of a carrom board to slide the rings easily, board powder is hazardous for health this is a fine base powder that affects living fertility.

The Toss


Signals to the Carrom person before starting the match to play, after hitting to start, any of Carrommen pucks in the pocket that player wins the toss and runs the fun of Carrom striker.

Manifest Of Carrom Board

This was distinct by Allen Haskel in the month of October 1890. Mainly carrom board has different rules in different regions. it is depending on your preference of how you want to run and have fun with this game.

Professional Carrom Board Level Variant

  • Carrom’s board game is an enclosure of main 25 points, and the total style game consists of 180 points
  • If any carrom men drop-in pocket with queen it will be ousted.
  • If none of the players doesn’t reach 25 points, in this case, the highest score achiever will win.
  • Carrom men or carram disks are dependent on your region basis which variant you want to play, carrom men’s porosity color will be different like boards and strikers.
  • If any one player wants to take over on queen, it is a must to get carrom men from your side color.
  • The shooting style will be different from various angles and degrees.it is commonly compelled striker must hit the baseline, behind the line, and front border.
  • If you take dops a queen with carrom men or man it will not be counted in the score except carrom men rings.
  • In the sub-continent, mostly like in Hindustan and Pakistan they likely called it daboo.
  • If a player drops the opposite side player’s carrom men it gives a penalty of that points
  • Lastly, a lot of companies liked to replicate the carrom board games and produced more super copy in 18s century like Haskell, Transogram,syno surco,vinex, and others.

The Carrom Board Is Now Virtually Connected

Usually, nowadays everyone hustles in life. but games are online connected through social media instead travel to meet those who opt physically these types of board games.

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Answer – A carrom board is a South Asian tabletop board game played by flicking hardwood or plastic discs with a striker into pockets at the four corners of a square board.

Answer – A carrom board is normally made of smooth wood with four horizontal pockets, each having a net beneath to hold the carrom men.

Answer – Before the game starts, a coin toss is performed to decide who goes first. The toss winner has the choice of going first or going second.


Positively carrom board is a inhouse entertainment widely popular in sub-continent of Asia. It is a fun play for newbies to explore it, It is an indoor game 1stly played by Indian Maha-Rajas, This game requires sterigmatic smart thinking to play with fun .Finding it online you can download Carrom Pool Mod APK from our source, It is popular world widely.

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