Carrom Pool Mod APK For PC/Windows And IOS/MAC – 2024

For many years, gamers have enjoyed the popular board game carrom pool mod apk for pc. The board on which the game carrom pool is played has several holes at the corners. Using a striker, players alternately hit little discs known as carrom men to knock them into the holes.

carrom pool mod apk for pc

To download carrom pool mod apk for pc, simply use the Game-loop GP- Installer that we have provided. click the download button. Then, launch it, search for Carrom Pool Disc Pool for PC, and install the enjoy playing carrom.

Application Name:Carrom Pool Modified APK for PC/Windows
Category:Sports Games
System Requirements:Windows 7 and above, along with an emulator
Date Published:Now
Modified: 25 January 2024
Modifications Included:Unlimited Gems & Coins
Publisher:Miniclip SA
Size:40 MB
Rating:4.2 ★
Number of Ratings:375,000

It’s an easy-to-understand but challenging game that requires skill, smartness, and dedication to become highly skilled. The introduction of a mobile app that lets users play the game on their pc and ios has increased the popularity of Carrom Pool in recent years. However, as with many pc games, Carrom Pool has multiple restrictions that could reduce the fun factor fully.

Information About Carrom Pool Mod Apk For Pc And IOS

The PC version of the game is an altered version that allows players to play it how they like. With the Mod Apk, gamers may unlock features, buy new things, and level up their skills with a limitless amount of cash and diamonds.

Advancement In-Game


The ability to play Carrom Pool on a PC without having to worry about running out of gems or cash is one of its key advantages. In the official version of the game, players must complete missions to earn cash and gems through gaming.

Valuable Resources


For some players, this can make the game less fun, and it can be a time-consuming procedure. Players can get an unlimited amount of money and gems by using the Mod Apk. With the help of these priceless resources, players may easily unlock exhilarating new features and gain fresh items in the game.

Feature Of Carrom Pool


The availability of many different game categories is another advantage of the Carrom For PC for users. Players could only engage with AI opponents in the basic game mode of the original game.

Twisted Access

twisted access

Although the basic gameplay can get boring after a while, the Mod Apk adds an interesting twist by enabling the intense multiplayer mode. It allows people to compete in competitive matches against other players across the globe.

More Items

different items

Increasing levels of the game’s excitement. To enhance the overall gameplay experience this mod also unlocks an immense number of unique rewards and features that aren’t present in the original version. To become more competitive, players can, for instance, buy new strikers, unlock new boards, and improve their skills.

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Selection Of Modes

Enjoying the game on a larger screen is one of the benefits of playing on your pc. This may facilitate better visibility of the carrom disks and sideboard, as well as easier control over the striker. For players with larger hands, playing on a pc can also be more comfortable than playing on a smartphone. For PC, the Carrom pool hack application is a great choice.

Unique Features and Gameplay

Using a mouse or keyboard to control the game is another benefit of playing carrom pool on a pc. This can facilitate controlling the carrom men’s move and direction and help aim the striker more easily. For players who are attempting to make accurate shots, using a mouse or keyboard can also be more exact than using a touchscreen.

Carrom Pool Mod APK For IOS – Gaming User Information

Compared to pc installation, a different process is needed for iOS device installation. To install apps and games that aren’t available in the official software Store, users need to use third-party software installers like App-Valley or Tweak-Box.

Furthermore, the carrom board game download for Windows 10 and 11 offers a variety of game options, such as multiplayer, which lets users compete against other players worldwide. Try the Carrom Pool Mod APK on your smartphone if you are thrilled and excited.

  • You can download this app very easily through our source.
  • Click the download button and install the GP- Installer in your pc or ios.
  • Launch it and search in game-loop for carrom pool disc for pc.
game loop
  • Once the app that you want appears on the screen download it.
  • After setting the all positions just run the game and have fun.

Whether they are standing in line, commuting to work, or just lounging around the house, they can use their iPhones or iPads to play the game anytime they have some spare time. The game can be a pleasant way to kill time and is simple to pick up and play.

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All things considered, the Carrom Pool Mod Apk for PC is a great choice for gamers who wish to experience the game without any limitations. Players can play multiplayer mode and receive an infinite amount of coins and gems when they use the Modified app. Many unique goods and features that are unavailable in the original game are also made available. Using an emulator on a PC or a third-party software installer on an iOS device, players can install the Mod APK. Playing this timeless board game on a computer or a mobile device is a wonderful experience.

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